10 Dream Messages You Should Never Ever Ignore

Dreams can come in many forms: happy dreams, funny dreams, or nightmares. While they may seem like random things your mind has just made up, they’re more likely messages that your subconscious is communicating. Common dreams include falling, being chased, failing an exam, infidelity, teeth falling out, being late, driving an out-of-control car, being naked, death, and flying. Their interpretations offer insight into what’s going on in your mind. They leave you messages to carry the lesson into your waking life.

History of Dreaming

People have been documenting the phenomenon of dreaming for centuries. In ancient societies, people saw dreaming as a mystical case of divine intervention and messages from the gods. People took it very seriously because oracles and shamans were the dream interpreters, and they saw symbols that represented mortality, fate, spirits, and souls. Other cultures interpreted dreams as portals to other worlds and as prophecies of the future. So, dreams had a spiritual and cultural significance long before modern science began to study dreams.

Science takes a pragmatic approach to dreams. Dream interpretation was an interest to Freud, who thought dreams were a way for the brain to process any “day’s residue.” To Freud, dreams come from stimuli from the environment, your experiences, and triggers within the body.
The process of moving a day’s memories to long-term storage can contribute to the contents of your dream. This process manifests your dreams so they can tell you a lot about what you’re feeling about your life, your choices, and your relationships.
Most Common Dreams


There are two types of falling dreams you’ve likely experienced before: being on the edge of a cliff or building and plummeting off the edge or having the ground fall out from under you. Dreams of falling have a couple of different themes. It could be that you feel unsupported and like you’re losing control in work, relationships, or anywhere else.
This can signify that you need to find a grip on what’s causing problems.

Being Chased

Dreams of being chased can feel more like a nightmare than a standard dream. But having this kind of dream means that you need to stop running, turn around, and face the problem that’s chasing you. This dream symbolizes that you are running from your problems, but the race won’t end until you stop avoiding it, no matter how fast you run. 3. Failing an Exam.

Whether you’re still a student or a graduate, dreams about failing an exam are persistent. If you dream of failing a test and you’re not a student, it could be parallel to your job. There’s a lot of pressure in both environments, and having this dream can mean that you feel like you need to be on alert or feel scrutinized. Dreams about failing a test typically indicate that you need to address the stress you’re experiencing in your waking life.


When a partner cheats on you in a dream (or you cheat on your partner), it’s not literal. This dream more likely means that you’re not getting all your needs met in your relationship, and you both need to invest more time into your relationship. If you’re having a dream about infidelity, it’s best to examine what you need from your partner and communicate with them to improve it.

Teeth Falling Out

Some experts argue that this dream is tied closely with confidence. If you have this dream, then something has happened in your life to damage your confidence and insecurity. Others argue that your teeth falling out symbolizes the inability to make a decision or significant life changes.
On the positive side, it can be a sign of rebirth. The teeth falling out can reflect the start of something new and a period of growth.

Being Late

If you’re dreaming of being late, it’s an indication that you’re overwhelmed and taking on too much. Some experts claim it’s a warning not to overpromise and overextend yourself.
The best way to make these dreams stop is to start saying no to the tasks you can’t take on in your waking life.

Driving an Out-of-Control Vehicle

Experts agree that this dream is relatively straightforward. This dream is telling you that you don’t feel in control of your path. If you’re having this dream, your subconscious is telling you that you need to take control of your life. If you don’t feel you have a handle on your life, this dream can be recurring.

Being Naked

When you’re naked in a dream, this can be a sign that you feel exposed and you feel vulnerable in your waking life. This dream can accompany a significant change where you’re feeling a little anxious or unsure.
Whether you have a new job or accepted a promotion, imposter syndrome and the feeling of inadequacy can make you manifest these feelings in a dream.


Dreams of dying can feel like a bad omen, but these dreams are not about your literal death. Instead, it can mean that there you’re thinking of an ending to something in your life. It could be a job you want to leave, a relationship that you want to move past, and it can actually be a good dream.
A dream about death can symbolize a reset and a new beginning. It can act as an encouragement to embark on something new.


This dream can symbolize a need to let go of things that are weighing you down. It’s a sign that you can’t control everything, and sometimes you have to go with the flow and let things happen. If you feel out of control in an area of your life, this dream can be telling you that you want to detach.

Final Thoughts

The stories that your mind creates while you sleep are meaningful. While you might not remember every dream you have, the ones that stick with you are trying to tell you something. They can carry a critical message or lesson you need to absorb while you’re awake.

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