4 Signs That Someone in Your Life Is Sent by the Devil

Have you ever spent time with someone only to feel out of sorts and negative?

There’s something about them that leads you to question whether or not they are beneficial as they seemingly create havoc in your life.

If this sounds familiar it may be that they have been sent by the devil.

In a world full of good, bad, and everything in between it’s important to recognize the signs of ill intentions in the people around you.

If your intuition is telling you that something isn’t right, listen to it and ask for guidance.

If there is something that you just can’t ignore, don’t disregard your 6th sense, let it show you the way, and use our guide to help you understand what the Spirits want you to know. When you have someone in your life that has been sent by the devil it can take its toll on you.

Don’t let them continue to impact your life, identify them for who they are and be sure to notice and weed out evil in your presence.

Top Signs That Someone Was Sent by the Devil.

If you’re being tormented by someone and want to know where they have come from, these four signs will tell you everything you need to know.

Stay observant and watch out for these characteristics, attributes, and spiritual violations.

Here are four signs that someone in your life is sent by the devil.

1. They’re an Energy Vampire.

At times you may find that you soak up other people’s energies, especially if you’re an empath.

As you become more spiritually aware you can be more susceptible to taking on the vibrations, moods, and emotions of people around you.

However, when you find yourself crossing paths with dark, low vibe energy, it feels as though your soul has been sucked into the abyss.

When someone is sent by the devil they sap you of energy and pollute your spirit with their wickedness.

It can feel as though life is draining out of you as you struggle to maintain feelings of positivity.

No matter what you do you can’t seem to pull yourself out of it when they’re around.

Only when they leave do you feel a sense of relief.

With their departure comes the return of your vitality and zest for life.

This is a clear indication that they are sent from dark forces.

Anybody that is meant to be in your life should add value, light, and love rather than malevolent and demonic vibes.

People with a lower consciousness cast a shadow over you where you feel exhausted and out of sync with your normal self.

It can feel suffocating, claustrophobic, and debilitating.

When you rid yourself of them you will be free of their poison and reconnect with your higher self.

2. They are Toxic.

If there is a particular person in your life that constantly puts you down, lacks empathy, and highlights your flaws you need to distance yourself immediately.

Toxic and vindictive behavior are clear signs that the devil has placed them in your life.

If they take pleasure in causing you pain you need to take the necessary steps to get them out of your life.

Narcissists and sadists can latch themselves on to you and pull you into a cycle of misery and suffering.

This is evil at work, they do not care for your feelings and their lack of remorse can often appear as though they are soulless.

Parasitic and psychopathic tendencies can impact not only your emotional and physical wellbeing but also your mental health.

Be wary if they appear to be a pathological liar.

When a person is habitually dishonest and unrepentant of their actions it’s time to cut the cords.

The longer they stay in your life the more damage that they can cause.

Increasing yours and others’ misfortune is something that they take joy in.

Their cruelty is particularly apparent in the way that they treat animals and children.

Among smaller more vulnerable beings they can feel more powerful and dangerously in control.

3. Constant Psychic Attacks.

In their presence, you may feel as though harmful energies are directed toward you.

It is as though you are being targeted by a negative influence.

When your aura is compromised in this manner you can suffer from night terrors, have a sensation of being ‘haunted’ or feel weak.

Low vibrational people will seek out to inflict distress and directly assault your spirit.

This spiritual warfare is damaging and can lead to your shutting down spirituality out of fear.

It can block your third eye and detach you from the goodness of Source energy when you allow it to take over.

If you experience intense headaches or uncomfortable pressure in between your brow when they are around, this can hint at a demonic and devilish spirit.

Be aware of your symptoms when they are nearby and know the difference between an energy vampire and a psychic attacker.

One affects your mood and emotions while the other destroys your spirit.

If you attempt to protect your energy with rituals, prayers, and smudging you may notice a change in their behavior.

They can seem withdrawn and distant as your efforts to keep negative people away from you affects them.

This is a great way to test if they have been sent by the devil.

4. They Deliberately Lead You Astray.

Good people will always want the best for you.

Anybody that is in your corner will cheer you on and hope to see you win in life.

People with bad energy who are sent from the devil will keep you from any form of development, particularly of the spiritual kind.

They want to see you fail and will tempt you with immorality and corruption.

These people will steer you from anything that is in your best interests and will seduce you with forbidden fruit.

Vices such as alcohol, drugs, and greed can be forced upon you leading to addiction and potentially lead you to become out of touch with reality.

If you are on a spiritual journey and are pursuing enlightenment and abundance, they will stop at nothing to dissuade and distract you.

Their mission is to drag you down to the depths of despair.

They don’t want you to discover your magnificence or power.

Lower vibrational beings will attempt to snuff out your light at every opportunity they get.

Do not fall into their trap.

As you feel yourself being pulled in the wrong direction, use the help of spirit to fight back against them.

When your heart is pure nothing can take you away from where you are meant to be.

Love always wins.

No matter what evil prevails or what threat lurks around you, you are always being protected by the higher powers.

As a bright, spiritual being you have guardians around you that are assisting you with every step that you take.

If wickedness is sent your way you can cast it away.

Nothing is more powerful than the positive and abundant energy that lives within.

When you connect with it and trust that you are not alone you can defeat bad spirits and lower conscious people that have been sent by the devil. You can and you will overcome.

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