5 Psychic Signs Someone is Constantly Thinking About You

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Have you ever thought of someone intensely and wondered if they can somehow sense it? Maybe you are thinking about someone, and then they either call you or text you.

There are very strong forces in the universe that we sometimes can’t comprehend. But they are very real.

Psychic signs can be felt between certain people, and if you have wondered what some of those signs are, we put together 5 signs that you should pay close attention to.

Number 1. Constantly Missing a Loved One.

Maybe it’s a loved one who has passed on or one that still remains in the physical world. If you find that your heart is constantly aching for a friend or family member, it can mean that they have you on their mind, or loved ones who have passed on are nearby, wanting to communicate from beyond.

People can often grasp a strong sense that you are missing them if your feelings are very intense. This can act as a strong psychic sign between the both of you.

Number 2. They are in Your Dreams.

Dreaming about someone is perhaps one of the strongest clues that they are thinking about you. This holds especially true for those who you may not have seen in a while, as they may be strongly affected by the sense of longing.

If someone is thinking about you consistently, it can sometimes be powerful enough to reach you in your dreams. There have been cases where you may be dreaming about someone, and the next day or soon after, they cross your path.

Although dreams remain a mystery, they are often an indicator of things to come. The next time you find yourself dreaming about someone, reach out and see if they have had you on their mind.

Number 3. Sexual Friction.

You can almost guarantee that someone is thinking about you if there is strong sexual tension between you. Sexual attraction stirs up deep feelings inside us, causing an overabundance of thoughts towards one another.

If you desire someone and you know they feel the same, that can be a very strong psychic sign that they have you on their mind. 

Number 4. You’re Blushing.

Have you ever suddenly felt as if you were just slapped across the cheek? A hot burning sensation that suddenly flushes your face can be a strong psychic sign that someone has you on their mind.

It doesn’t necessarily mean these are good thoughts, though. Often negative thoughts can come across as a flushed feeling that comes out of nowhere.

Number 5. Sensation of Touch.

Do you ever feel the sensation that someone is touching you, and yet, no one is near? If you have felt this sensation, it may not be something you want to overlook. This can be a strong sign that someone is thinking of you.

That sense of touch is full of the intensity of our thoughts, and it just may be your body’s way of telling you something.

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