5 Signs of a Dark Empath

As mysterious, and right out of a “slow burn Vampire novel” as it might sound, a dark empath, and the personality type that they embody, is not good news.

What makes a dark empath more dangerous, than even a dark-triad personality, one who embodies the three dark personality traits of Machiavellianism, psychopathy and narcissism, is that a dark empath will draw you in, as opposed to giving you the “run for the hills vibes” that the latter gives off.

Keep watching for the five signs of a dark empath.

1. A dark empath use cognitive empathy.

This means a dark empath will be able to comprehend, and understand what you need, want or feel. But unlike effective empaths who will help you, a dark empath might use that knowledge against you, usually for personal gain.

2. A dark empath will manipulate.

Ever feel like you are giving in to a spouse, or friend just to make them happy, and that in the process, you and your needs aren’t being met? Does it feel like a recurring pattern, where you are made to feel bad about wanting or needing something?

A dark empath is an expert at manipulating another person’s emotions, playing at their weaknesses, guilt-tripping them, or emotionally gaslighting to get what they want. They will discredit your worries as being unfounded, and make it seem like you are in the wrong for feeling a certain way, or for wanting a certain thing.

3. Their ‘kindness’ might seem fake, or for show.

A dark empath might come across as being kind, but if you listen to your gut, and look out for signs, you’ll be able to tell, that this only a show of kindness. You might be hearing all the right things from them, everything that you have always wanted to hear. But doesn’t that seem…off?

The dark empath knows what to do, and say to be the perfect friend, partner or employee. This means that, they might do and say things that seem forced, and contrary to what they have done, or said in the past to indicate otherwise.

4. The dark empath will not respect boundaries.

Do you feel like you’ve been eating a lot of Thai food, when you don’t really like Thai?

Do you feel that, at the end of every argument or discussion, you seem to be agreeing to something you didn’t initially believe in?

Are only your partner’s, or friend’s needs being met?

A dark empath will know which buttons to push, what to say or do to get what they want.

They will not hesitate to push until you give in, and the worst part is, that you might not even realize that you were giving-in, until it’s too late.

5. The dark empath will use malicious humor.

One of the most noticeable traits of a dark empath, is when they use malicious humor to put down a person, to insult them indirectly. Tendentious humor is the worst possible kind of humor because it is often used, not for fun, but to hurt, and as a form of power-play.

Using these 5 warning signs, you can raise your awareness, to help protect yourself from the tactics a dark empath can try to use to manipulate you.

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