5 Ways That You Can Communicate With Your Guardian Angels

Reaching out to your Angels and communicating with them is not an arduous task but can easily be achieved through the right rituals. On occasion, we may feel as though we need the all-knowing and divine wisdom from our spiritual helpers and so reaching out to them can aid us in solving our problems and gain an alternative perspective on life’s twists and turns. 

Don’t suffer in silence or feel as though the Angels are out of your grasp. Our Guardians are always here to serve us and stand by our side through the good times and the bad. No matter where you are or your circumstances, the Angels are nearby. If you want to find the best way to talk to your Angels then try these 5 tried and tested methods that will help you to communicate with your Guardian Angels.

The Power of Prayer 

Whether you’re religious or not, prayer can be utilized in a multitude of ways, helping you to speak to the heavenly beings that surround you. It exists as a way in which we can build relationships with the Creative Being and our Angels, offering words of thanks or asking for direction when we have lost our way. It is through prayer that you can unlock closed doors and build a rapport with your Guardians. It invites the celestial spirits from above into our lives and our hearts. There is no right or wrong way to pray, only what works for you. Whether you’re standing, sitting, kneeling, or using a prayer mat, the Angels can connect with us regardless of what practice we use to contact them. You can call upon all of your Angels or ask for one of the Angels of Origin such as the ArchAngel Michael, the protector, or ArchAngel Gabriel, the communicator who offers peace and strength. Engaging in prayer is one of the most vulnerable and powerful acts that we can use to speak to our Angels. It opens up the communication channels and brings us to Heaven’s door, introducing us to our Guardians. Use prayer to open up a conversation between you and your Angels and strengthen the bond between you.

Burning Bay Leaves

Have you ever wished that you could pick up the phone and call your Angels? Well, what about sending a smoke signal? Burning bay leaves is an ancient practice used by various cultures to manifest wishes and cleanse negativity. Its potent aroma has magical properties that can bring you all of your hopes and dreams, including an audience with your Angels. By burning a bay leaf, you can send messages to the beyond and directly communicate with your Angels. Think of it as a supernatural postcard. To start, find a large, dried bay leaf with a flat surface area that is easy to write on. Next, grab a pen and gently inscribe the messages that you want to send to your Angels on the leaf. Write with intention and go deep within so that you may find the words that you need to say to your Guardians. Once you have finished, carefully burn your bay leaf in a well-ventilated room or outside in the fresh air. As the smoke rises toward the sky, know that your Angels are receiving your words. They will send their reply to you by entering your dreams, sending Angel numbers, leaving feathers, and many other special ways that they feel are appropriate. 

Letters to Your Angels

We send letters to the ones we love, so why not our Angels? The art form of writing letters may have been replaced with text messages and emails but the old-fashioned practice is still appreciated by our spiritual guides. The energy that we put into creation will manifest itself, meaning that the time and devotion that we use to write letters addressed to the spiritual realm, will be delivered to them with love in the form of high vibrational energy. In turn, the questions that we ask will be answered and our Angels will show up in our lives offering us comfort and friendship. You don’t need to be a calligrapher, you only need a pen, paper, and the words that lie in your heart. Unload your fears, share your dreams, offer your gratitude, and write with an open mind so that you may receive a different perspective on life from your Angels. Every word that you write will bring you closer to your Guardians. Open up, pour out the contents of your soul in your letter, and feel as though it has reached the ears of your Angels. Sign it with love, gratitude, and keep it somewhere safe. If you want to connect with your Angels in your sleep, then place the letter under your pillow before bed for an enchanted slumber.

Third Eye Meditation

Take a few moments alone to relax and settle down somewhere comfortably. If it helps, light some candles before your meditation and dim the lights to create the ambiance that you need. Close your eyes and draw in deep breaths and exhale while focusing on your body. Be present and feel at peace. Now concentrate on your Third Eye and imagine the space between your brows opening, as it does picture a beam of brilliant light in the shade of indigo projecting from it, reaching out toward the Universe. As this beam of light calls to the Heavens, start to see your Guardian Angels descending from above and entering the inner sanctums of your mind. Once they are with you, allow yourself to open up your soul and revel in their wisdom, let it nourish you, and offer you the insights that you need. Ask them questions and speak openly so that they may help you. Once they have offered you everything they have to give, bid them farewell as they journey back through the light and return to their home. Continue to focus on your breathing and experience the peace and harmony that they have left in their wake. Gradually return to your body and offer your thanks to your Guardian Angels.  

Visualize Them

If you want to talk to your Angels it helps when you can see them around you. Get some face to face time with your Guardians by visualizing them spending time with you and offering their words of wisdom. When we open our minds we open the portal to the other realm, bridging the gap between the physical and the invisible. Using your thoughts to imagine your Angels presence will call them to you, helping you to communicate with them as you please. Feel their energy, hear their words, see them, and use all of your senses to connect with your Angels. Our Guardians are always looking over us, once we start to look beyond our physical world we can experience the full magnitude of their love and speak to them in return. The dimension that we live and breathe in is one layer that makes up a glorious and magnificent Universe. Explore what lies beyond your current reality and visualize what you have been unable to see, the Angels will welcome you as you truly open your eyes and see what is and has always been. Whenever you need comfort and the company of your Angels just close your eyes and use the power of your mind to conjure them to you. Visualization is a gift that will connect you to your Guardian Angels.

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