5 Zodiac Signs That Will Be the Luckiest in 2022

5 Zodiac Signs That Will Be the Luckiest in 2022


Leo is and always will be the shining star of the Zodiac. No matter what they do, Leo always finds themselves in the spotlight. They draw attention to them without putting too much effort into what they do. Leo just has a magnetic personality that draws all sorts of people and opportunities to them. Even the Universe likes to see what Leo is up to! For this reason, Leo will be one of the luckiest Zodiac signs in 2022. Their winning attitude and strong character mean they attract good things onto their path.

In particular, Leo will be very lucky financially. Although they sometimes like to go on big shopping sprees, Leo’s luck will mean that they’ll always have money flowing into their life. This stems from Leo’s generous nature. As much as Leos love being the centre of attention, they are also very warm hearted and genuine people. When Leo receives, they return the same energy ten-fold. This giving personality is something the Universe loves to reward. The more you give, the more you get! So when Leo donates to a charity or spares some change to someone, the Universe always makes sure to keep Leo’s finances afloat.


Sagittarius is one of the bolder and adventurous signs of the Zodiac. To them, there is no limit! Not even the sky. They have a deep need to experience life to the fullest by doing things others would think crazy. The Universe loves the passion Sagittarius has for living, and so protects them with luck. Being ruled by Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and success, also help Sagittarius live their carefree lifestyle. Spontaneous luck is how Sagittarius experiences so much.

Specifically, Sagittarius will be extremely lucky when it comes to their health. Sometimes it can be hard to walk alongside a Sagittarius. They love pushing themselves which often means putting people around them outside their comfort zones. Sagittarius is always down to take a risk, no matter how big it is. They love the thrill and the adrenaline that comes from doing something a little scandalous! Sagittarius can often be quite careless and end up in a lot of trouble. But somehow, they always survive unscathed. This is where they are blessed with luck. No matter what dauntless venture they go into, the Universe likes to protect Sagittarius’ flame. This is why Sagittarius isn’t afraid to take a leap of faith.


You’ll very rarely find Virgo completely lost and unaware of what they’re doing. They have this innate ability to see things with a sort of clarity that escapes most of us. Even in the most hectic situations, Virgo can break down everything that’s happening! Virgo is also super organised and loves routine. Whether it’s their finance, relationship or career Virgo always loves knowing what’s coming next. It really stresses Virgo out when things aren’t how they expected. So when things take a turn for the worse, the Universe loves to reward Virgo’s resourcefulness with some luck.

In 2022, Virgo will find themselves experiencing more ups than downs. They will be very lucky when it comes to their welfare. Virgo has had a lot of difficult things to deal with so far, but next year things will just seem to always work out for them! Not matter when venture Virgo starts, they’ll make it out the other side without a scratch. Virgo will find themselves to be in a positive and auspicious mindset. Both their physical and mental wellbeing will be thriving. Good luck comes their way in the form of a helping hand that guides them through rough patches.


Scorpio is by far the most the most intense sign of the zodiac. Being a water sign, emotions play a very big role in deciding how they act. They are ruled by their feelings and rely heavily on their gut instincts. Scorpios also put all their effort into the things they do. They focus hard on projects they need to complete – their concentration is practically impossible to break when they’re in the zone. Scorpios bring a lot of energy when doing the things they love. Whether it’s something sporty or something creative, Scorpio is always excited for the task ahead! Their passion and enthusiasm are what entices luck into their life.

In 2022, Scorpio will be blessed with luck when it comes to their career and next steps in life. They will find themselves flourishing in the workspace and really be able to excel in their role. Since luck is on their side, getting an increased salary or finding a dream job role are both entirely possible! Ultimately, Scorpio will be very lucky with what job they get the have and all the opportunities that come with it.


Being the last and ‘eldest’ of the zodiac, Pisces is known for being very open-minded and welcoming. For Pisces what truly matters is what’s on the inside. As a mutable sign, Pisces is very accepting of different things and doesn’t try to categorise them too much. They are not quick to judge others and always give people the benefit of the doubt. They are also very in tune with the world around them and are almost psychic when it comes to reading other people! Their instincts are very strong, and Pisces tends to follow their gut whenever they can. As a result of their deep connection with the world, luck just seems to like following Pisces around.

In particular, Pisces will be very lucky in 2022 when it comes to their love life. They will have the chance to find their true soulmate and be in a very fulfilling, romantic relationship. For those Pisceans who are already coupled up, the next steps in the relationship are looking very positive. Everything will be coming together to create harmony and romance in Pisces’ sector of love.

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