7 Signs That You Have a Spiritual Gift

It’s not your imagination. The random events and occurrences that happen to you are divine and are part of the universal plan for your life. Your spiritual gifts are ordained and have meaning behind them. If you regularly have weird and wonderful experiences then you have a special spiritual gift.

It is important to know what they are and how they are impacting your life. You can use them to develop and improve many aspects of your experience on this earth. It can also help you to assist others who may also have spiritual gifts.

If you want to know exactly what spiritual gifts you have then take a look at these signs…

1. You Always Wake up during the Witching Hour.

If you regularly wake up between 3 and 4 am you are deeply spiritual. This is known as the witching hour when the veil between the invisible and visible world is lifted. During this period you can connect with the spirits. You may also notice that weird and wonderful occurrences happen during this time.

Initially, you may have put these incidences down to coincidence. However, this is no accident. You must use this time to deepen your connection to Source and sharpen your wisdom. When you wake up during the witching hour take a deep breath and feel the forces working within.

Ask the higher powers to guide you and send messages to you. If you are still and silent you can hear the divine intelligence speaking to you. This is an extraordinary moment that you should embrace.

2. You Receive Visions.

Premonitions are strong feelings that something is about to happen, this may be accompanied by clear visions that are sent to you from above. If you receive random images and sequences of events poping into your head out of nowhere then they are spiritual visions.

These are not to be confused with daydreams, they are powerful and can give you insights into future events. To be given this gift is incredible and it must not be taken for granted. When you work with your visions you have the ability to change your life and others.

Embrace this power. If you are unsure as to what your visions mean reach out to your guides and ask them to break it down for you. With their help you will become a master of your spiritual talent and be able to tap into it as you please.

3. Synchronicities Are Everywhere.

If you look closely you can find meaning all around you. For some people they may not even need to look, it is given to them. Through synchronicities, those who have spiritual gifts are sent signs from above and are able to interpret them.

These synchronicities pop up everywhere, they show up to help you on your spiritual path. This phenomenon usually occurs when you least expect it. When the universe wants to send you a message they will do so in specific yet random ways.

You may receive angel numbers from time to time. In some cases, you will find feathers and coins in random places. These moments have happened for a reason and are trying to teach you something. Look into these synchronicities and try to understand the messages that they bring.

4. You Attract Animals Everywhere You Go.

Be they birds or bees you seem to be constantly followed by small, feathered, or furry animals. They are drawn to you and interact with you on a spiritual level. If this is something that happens to you then this is part of your spiritual gifts.

Animals have a way of recognizing good people. They can sense when someone has a special connection to the divine. You emit vibrations within your aura that attract animals to you. These creatures want you to know that they understand who you are and that they feel safe in your presence.

Take some time to be in nature and be amongst the wildlife. Let them come near and feel their energy as they do the same with you. It is a positive omen if an animal sits on your lap or if an insect lands on your shoulder. They know that they are in good hands.

5. The Full Moon Drives You Crazy.

The position of the moon can influence your mood and other aspects of your life. If you have a spiritual gift you may feel as though it impacts you more so than normal. While other people are able to get on with their lives during the full moon you can go through dramatic changes.

This is common for many people who have a deep connection to the spiritual realm. Some people may experience headaches, mood swings, instant manifestations, and signs from above. Rather than fighting them try to take in what is happening and use it to your advantage.

You can also protect yourself against the power of the full moon. Take some black salt and sprinkle it around the perimeter of your home for protection. You can also have a moon bath where you set your intention and bathe in water that is filled with rose petals, salts, and crystals.

6. You Feel Disconnected from the Physical World.

No matter how hard you try, you seem to have a feeling like you’re not meant to be in this world. Examples of a disconnect are when you are in a crowd of people and you feel overwhelmed, you have no desire to have the latest material possessions and you feel pressure around your third eye.

This tends to occur in people who have strong water signs in their zodiac chart such as Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio. Though you may be in this physical world your heart is in another realm. When you dream, you may envision a familiar yet distant land that makes you feel as though you have returned home.

Spirit wants you to know that it is ok to feel as though you were meant for another time or place, however, try to use grounding exercises to give you a bit of stability. This is to ensure that you can live with peace in this current reality.

7. You Have a Strong Intuition.

You have a knack for knowing things. This inexplicable sensation of understanding things that you are not meant to know cannot be ignored. The universal power has gifted you with a powerful 6th sense.

The bridge between your conscious and unconscious mind is strong and your intuition is sharper than normal. This spiritual gift should be treasured. Ensure that you listen to your gut and follow the guidance of your higher self.

Your ability to read people and situations is unlike any other. Use it as a light that guides you to make the best decisions possible. Your inner voice wants you to hear everything that it has to say. Take in its wisdom and offer your sincere gratitude to the universe in return.

Your spiritual gifts have been given to you for a reason. The universe wants you to take advantage of them. They are for you to use at your discretion. When you use them in the right way you can receive many blessings and help people on their journey.

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