Aquarius Personality Traits ♒

Aquarius is undoubtedly one of the most progressive signs in the Zodiac. Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus which symbolises transformation and sudden changes. This explains why Aquarius is always up for something different and doesn’t mind blasting off into the future. They don’t like when things stay the same for too long because it means there’s no new developments being made. Aquarius is also very futuristic and also loves technology. They enjoy learning all about the cutting-edge research going on and are not of what the future holds.

Aquarius is also a very deep thinker. Aquarius is an air sign which means they have a natural affinity for learning and finding out new things. Gaining new information is exactly what fulfils this sign. Because of this, Aquarius is quite a philosophical sign and likes having deep conversations. They aren’t afraid to let their minds wander and ask the difficult questions. For others, looking too much into things can give them an existential crisis but for Aquarius that’s just their average Friday night.

To add, Aquarius enjoys their alone time above all else. Aquarius is a bit of an introvert and doesn’t really do huge crowds. They are very comfortable with their own company and prefer smaller get-togethers with a relaxed energy. Aquarius usually only has a small circle of very close friends. For them, it’s definitely quality over quantity. When life gets a bit too hectic for Aquarius, they often need to be away from people to recharge. Aquarius lives life at a comfortable pace – keeping it super mellow is just how Aquarius likes it to be.

Furthermore, Aquarius is incredibly independent. Aquarius isn’t one to follow trends or do what everyone else is doing. They have their own distinctive style and are come up with some really creative, original ideas. Aquarius isn’t afraid to think outside the box and be their true selves. This eccentricity is what makes Aquarius such a unique sign! Aquarius’ ruling planet Uranus is one of the only planets to spin clockwise (the other being Venus) in the solar system. This just goes to show how individualistic Aquarius is.

At times, Aquarius can seem quite distant. Much like the other air signs, Aquarius isn’t very big with emotional expression. They like to keep their feelings to themselves most of the time. They love talking about complex theories, but emotions are a bit of a no-go zone for them. Aquarius doesn’t care too much for other people’s opinions and isn’t so hurt words. This can come off as cold and a little detached. Deep down though, Aquarius experiences huge emotions but they rarely show them unless they really trust you.

Aquarius can often be quite assertive. Being a fixed sign, it comes to no surprise to find out Aquarius can be very stubborn. Once they make up their mind on something it just has to be done their way. Every other option is just a distraction. Their opinions are also practically immovable! No matter how hard you try to get them to see things differently Aquarius won’t give in. They will stick by their own ways until the Sun goes out.

Lastly, Aquarius can be quite temperamental. Aquarius always want something new, so they get bored of things very quickly. If they have no mental stimulation, then they will just completely zone out. Once Aquarius is over it, there’s no going back. This sign only ever moves forward even if they have to leave people behind.

Overall, Aquarius is very mindful and interesting sign. Because of how much they know, they always have something fascinating to say. Even if they can be quite stubborn and aloof at times, along with that comes someone who is intellectual, forgiving and loyal.

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