Capricorn May 2021 Astrology Horoscope Forecast ♑

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Get excited, because it’s all kicking off in your sign this month! Pluto is in retrograde all month long in your very own sign! Pluto is the planet of destruction and rebirth. This will bring you massive waves of cosmic energy, allowing you to progress even faster than you already do. Things that were previously holding you back will now fall away. During the month of may, you’ll find yourself fired up to do absolutely anything and everything! You’ve got a pretty busy month coming up, but you’ve never been one to back down from a challenge. Use all this powerful energy to really excel in something new!

The month of May for you is all about mastery, when it comes to money and your career. You’ll find yourself working hard to learn a new skill, that could become very useful to you in the future. Illustration, coding, and design are an example of new skills to learn. Saturn turns retrograde later in the month, which means you’ll be able to recognize which new skills will be most beneficial. This responsible planet, gives you the focus, and discipline you need this month. You’ll be able to work diligently towards a goal with the help of Saturn! Whatever you’re working on, stay motivated and determined to be rewarded. Being the zodiac’s most ambitious sign, you won’t settle for being good. You want to be perfect. This tenacity will allow you to expand your options, which makes perfect sense, because progressive Jupiter is in a positive aspect with the planet of change. All in all, keep working and practicing, and you’ll be a pro in no time!

Regarding your health, take a look at trying alternative methods to stay fit. You’ll be working pretty intensely on something this May, so keep it light and fun with the exercise you do. It might be really refreshing to try out something other than traditional hardcore gym workouts. Yoga, Pilates and Zumba are all really great substitutes to stay fit, while having a good time. Don’t underestimate how useful those three activities can be! They may look easy, but they will give you a proper workout!

Recently in your love life, you have been very much on the practical side of things. With Venus previously in stable Taurus, it’s no wonder you’ve become a lot more responsible with your choices regarding romance. This month you’ll make decisions with your heart a lot more than with your head, which is great for maintaining healthy relationships! Near the end of the month however, there’ll be a little switch up. The sun moves into flirtatious Gemini on the 20th, which pushes you to be more romantic. Following your heart, and doing those spur of the moment things, is what will really create some sparks for you during the month of May. Don’t be afraid to send a flirty text, or give your partner some more TLC than usual.

To wrap it up neatly, the month of May is going to push you to work very hard. Lots of exciting things are happening with the planets this month, stirring up batches of high energy for you. Use this month to start something new and hone your craft. This can be something financial, or something personal, either way, put all your effort into it, and you’ll come out feeling very successful. Things are really looking bright for you! Stick to whatever project you’re working on, and you’ll be rewarded immensely.

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