How to Shift Reality Fast | 4 Simple Steps

Anything is possible. There are no limits in this Universe. Miracles can take place and magic is not as uncommon as you think. Once you allow yourself to believe you can experience all that the Universe has to offer, including shifting your reality. What was once deemed as sci-fi is now known to be real. Quantum shifting is accessible to anyone who wishes to try it. So how can we do this and what exactly is involved?

Though the concept has been around for a significantly long period of time it has been popularised on Tik Tok. Though there are many ways of achieving reality shifting, which one is the best, and what happens during reality shifting?  

Quantum Shifting

We live in a world full of multiple alternative realities. What we are experiencing right now is only a small part of what we could experience. We have our current reality (CR) and our desired reality (DR). Shifting involves a number of steps that will take you from where you currently are to where you want to be. 

First, let us understand what our ‘reality’ is. By definition, our reality is the state of things as they exist. However, what we perceive to be our reality is only a small part of our awareness. The physical world that we experience operates on a plane in the non-physical world. We exist beyond our bodies, we live both inside and outside of our physical being. The world that we see is just one of many, hence alternative realities.

Shifting your reality is neither lucid dreaming nor is it daydreaming. It is the activation of our awakened consciousness and moving our physical and spiritual awareness to one of the many possible Universes that exist as a manifestation of our intentions.

The Steps to Fast and Powerful Shifting

Clear Your Energy

Remove any thoughts and limitations from your mind. Sit somewhere quietly and be still, do not talk, and try to keep your mind as quiet as possible. Keep your eyes open during this point. This step is designed to expand your awareness. The longer that you do this the stronger your vibration will get. You will feel neither here nor there. Nowhere and yet everywhere. You will feel energy from miles away and you will experience your own throbbing with electricity. This technique clears out the old energy and invites in highly charged energy that will help you to shift reality fast.

Listen To Subliminals

Follow this up by listening to a binaural subliminal. Subliminals are messages that are signaled and registered below the absolute threshold level (ATL) of our conscious awareness. Specifically, binaural beats are two different tones that are played in each ear at different frequencies. Affirmations are layered over this audio so that your brain absorbs the messages. The frequency of the tones in the binaural subliminal depends on which brain wave state it is designed for. Ideally, these should be set to 4–8 Hz, this is the Theta state where you are deeply relaxed.

The content of this audio must be related to the reality that you want to shift to. For example, if you want to shift to a reality where you are wealthy then play Subliminals that are focused on money. 


This is the process where you write in great detail about what you want to attract. In this case, you want to script the reality that you want to experience. Describe everything, the sights, the smells, how you feel being there – use all of your senses to bring the experience to life. While scripting you should feel energized and positive. It should raise your vibration and align you with what you want, which is your alternative reality. Keep scripting until you feel that the experience is yours, then you are ready for the next stage.

Conscious Meditation

This is the moment that you enter into your desired reality. All you need is a good attitude, a high vibration, and a quiet place to settle into. With your eyes still open count down slowly from 10-1. Take long steady breaths as you sink deeper. When you get to 5 close your eyes and continue to count. Once you have finished counting think about your desired reality and feel the happiness that you will experience when you arrive. Feel as if it is already happening. Then focus your energy on your third eye, this is the space between your brows. You may start to feel a slight pressure – this is a good slight that your third eye is awakening. Picture a swirling vortex in the shade of indigo moving in a clockwise direction in the space where your third eye is. As this vortex swirls let the current of its energy flow move faster. See the light get brighter and feel yourself getting sucked into the vortex. You will now be transported to your desired reality. 


This method will take you from this world to the next. It is extremely powerful and will produce amazing results. You can experience everything that the Universe has to offer. Once you take a ride and transport yourself to a whole new dimension you will never feel limited again. You will know for sure that there are endless possibilities in this Universe. All you have to do is open yourself up to new and exciting experiences. The life that you want can be yours – it’s all up to you. 

‘Reality’ will never seem the same again. Shifting your reality will blur the lines between the physical and the non-physical. Remember to take some time to yourself for grounding. This is an intense process. Be sure to dedicate time to your wellness and fun hopping in and out of realities in the Universe.

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