Mirror Souls: The Signs and Stages of the Twin Flames

They’re referred to as ‘the one’ or ‘your other half’, the concept of Twin Flames has piqued the interest of hopeless romantics around the world. Connecting with this life-changing, spiritual bond endeavors us to journey into an intense and magical union that conspires to shift the entire nature of our being. 

A Mirror Soul (or Twin Flames, as it is widely known) are two beings who share the same soul which has been split into two. The energetic makeup of their souls are identical and so the connection between the two is deeper than any match in the Universe. They say opposites attract so when two of the same souls meet it can cause clashes and hardships as each is forced to face their mirror image and address any issues that may stem from exploring the hidden depths of their being. 

Yet despite these negatives finding your Twin Flame is an extraordinary event that encourages spiritual growth and an elevation toward a more happy and open experience. It is fate and an otherworldly event. 

The Stages of a Twin Flame relationship

#1. Prepare

Get ready and anticipate your Twin Flame coming into your life, believing that there is someone in this world who is a copy of your soul is the first stage to experiencing a Twin Flame connection. You must have the unshakeable belief that the mirror image to your soul is on its way to you and that you will welcome them into your life with open arms. 

#2. Meeting

This is the moment when you meet your Twin Flame and experience a spiritual awakening. The moment when you connect with your Twin Flame will be filled with little coincidences and subtle signs that the moment was meant to happen. You will not doubt in your mind that this person is your Twin Flame, and you will begin to embark upon an intense journey together.

#3. Test

Though connecting with your Twin Flame will bring sweet moments filled with joy, love, and a sense of unexplainable euphoria, it will also test you beyond anything that you have ever experienced before. As you get to know each other you will navigate through this new and exciting relationship where you will come to understand each other’s boundaries.

#4. Eruption

 This is the moment in your Twin Flame relationship when everything comes to a boil and the flaws that you see in your partner reflect what is inside you. Everything from fear, doubt, and anger will rise to challenge your relationship. Arguments will bring up insecurities and will open old wounds, helping you to look deep inside yourself and grow.

#5. The Chase

The indescribable intensity of a Twin Flame connection is enough to make one or both parties run for the hills out of fear of its power. Emotional and physical withdrawal is a symptom of not wanting to confront this level of intimacy. This push and pull dynamic can last for a while, sometimes even occurring on and off again until both halves reach the same, improved level of emotional maturity.

#6. Surrender

No matter how scary the connection may seem or how much you or your partner try to avoid it, there is no denying the incredible spark between Twin Flames. This is a rich and potent attachment that far outweighs any that you could ever experience. Once you have both taken the time to work on yourselves you will be reunited with your partner, putting egos aside for the sake of your relationship.

#7. “Happily Ever After”

This is the stage where the dust settles and you are brought together to experience ‘oneness’ with one another. Whatever the outcome of your reunion there will be a sense of balance and harmony with one another. Your relationship will be filled with mutual respect and adoration, resulting in a stronger connection and a brighter future. All of the past pain has been resolved, making way for more positivity. 

So how do you know if someone is your Twin Flame? Here are several signs that you need to look out for:

  • There is an inexplicable connection between you that ascends far beyond physical and emotional, it is spiritual. It is overwhelming and incredibly powerful. Connecting with this individual feels as if you have been brought face to face with your higher power. 
  • You both frequently feature in each other’s dreams. Synchronicities such as these are a regular occurrence and your spirits meet in the dream world. Your other half may have met you in a dream before physically coming into your life. 
  • There is a deep sense of longing between the two of you and spending time apart makes the magnetic attraction between you grow and expand deeper with every passing second. No matter where you are in this world you are meant to be together and the forces of the Universe will make it happen. 
  • You do not need words to communicate, your souls speak a different language. You are fluent in one another without having to converse, the words that you speak is that of love that can only be decoded by the Twin Flames in question. 
  • Being with your Twin Flame will feel like you have uncovered parts of yourself that you didn’t know existed. It is like you have been reborn and your shell has been opened up, exposing every part of you to your partner and yourself. 

The love story of the Twin Flame is one for the ages and the compatibility between the two will take each half on a rollercoaster of emotions and a stupendous journey of romance, love, passion, and eventually wholeness. They are the mirror image of your soul and your one true flame.

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