Pisces May 2021 Astrology Horoscope Forecast ♓

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From an innocent caterpillar to radiant butterfly. The month of May is all about personal growth for you. Now is the time for you to start acting like the person you want to be. Take all those different aspects of the life you want, and fuse them to become whole! What characteristics do you want to have? Which friends do you want to surround yourself with? What path do you want to be on? Think about who this new you is, and then become it. The month of May will be an evolutionary time for you. Don’t be afraid, good things are right on the way!

When it comes to your love life, the month kicks off with the full moon lighting up the sky in Taurus, activating the comfortable part of your romance sector. Taurus is ruled by loving Venus, which means you’ll be feeling very content with your love life. The full moon in Taurus, makes you feel secure in your relationships, and has you behaving more compassionately. Whether you’re on a date with a new partner, or you’re cuddling on the sofa with your long-term lover, any romance will feel comfortable and gentle. This is a period of general calmness for love and relationships.
This full moon also makes you more forgiving. You’ll be hit with an extra dose of empathy, meaning it will be easier to forgive those you love for their mistakes, and move forward in a healthier direction. This doesn’t mean that you’ll let just anything pass though! While you’ll be happy to accept most mistakes, there are definitely boundaries you shouldn’t let be crossed.

Moving on, your health in the month of May is generally really good. Work on forming positive habits to help both your mental and physical wellbeing, this can range from drinking enough water every day, trying out meditation, or doing some light workouts (like Zumba). One thing you will need to watch out for this month is old health conditions. If your asthmatic or diabetic, make sure to take your prescribed medicine consistently. Keep this up, and you should be all good!

Lastly, money is also a very big talking point for the month of May. You’ll find yourself unlocking different streams of income, but this doesn’t come for free. There will be some dauntless risk taking, and big plays for it to work out. Don’t be worried though, because Jupiter is here to help you! Jupiter is the planet of expansion and prosperity. It symbolizes good fortune, education, and even miracles! On the 13th, Jupiter enters your very own sign! This will give you a massive boost in ambition and clarity. This transit urges you to dream big and work hard. This is the last push you need to get things rolling.

As you can see, May is going to be an exciting month for you. There is a lot of energy surrounding you, and it’s all about growth. It will be a time where you have to face challenges, with courage and bravery. A massive transformative process is going to happen, so you will experience lots of change. Becoming who you really want to be isn’t easy, but the planets are all rooting for you! Accept the changes as they come, and know that overall, this will be a highly positive period for you.

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