Pisces Personality Traits ♋

If there’s one thing you need to know about Pisces, it’s that they are the most emotional sign of the zodiac! As a water sign, Pisces tends to lead from the heart and not the head. Feelings are extremely important to them and they are deeply aware of their own emotions. This makes Pisces a very introspective sign. They are also incredibly empathetic people. Emotional intelligence is one of Pisces’ greatest strengths! They are able to use their feelings to communicate effectively, overcome challenges or diffuse conflicts.

Pisces is also a very intuitive sign. They know the exact mood of the room before even stepping in it. They are very in tune with the world around them and are almost psychic when it comes to reading other people! A Pisces can detect even the tiniest of changes in someone and always know when someone is feeling off. The celestial symbol for Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions. Just like these fish can feel the undercurrent in waves, Pisces can feel the emotions of other people. Their instincts are very strong, and they tend to follow their gut whenever they can.

To add, being the last and ‘eldest’ of the zodiac, Pisces is known for being very open-minded and welcoming. For Pisces what truly matters is what’s on the inside. As a mutable sign, Pisces is very accepting of different things and doesn’t try to categorise them too much. They are not quick to judge others and always give people the benefit of the doubt. This means people often feel very comfortable around Pisces which makes them great friends.

Furthermore at their core, Pisces is a lover. They fall for all those cheesy romcoms and grand gestures of love. Pisces is also a very affectionate partner who is always down for some cute PDA. But romance doesn’t stop there in Pisces’ life. In fact, Pisces tends to see the whole world through rose-coloured glasses. They romanticise the little things in life, like snuggling up in bed with a good book. This sense of dreaminess means they can be content with simple living. As long as they’re comfortable, Pisces is satisfied.

However, at times Pisces is a bit of an escapists. Sometimes life can be a bit too much for their delicate nature. If things get to heated or too seriously, Pisces will run. They use their imaginations to daydream themselves away from the reality of a situation. This sort of coping mechanism is very unhealthy as it just allows stress to build, and nothing gets done.

At times, Pisces can be a little naïve. Pisces is quite an innocent sign and doesn’t feel threatened by being vulnerable with others. This transparency makes Pisces very genuine however sometimes Pisces can be a bit overly trusting and gullible which can leave them in awkward situations. Being a very generous sign, Pisces like to help others no matter the price. This means that people often take advantage of their kindness. Pisces needs to be more skeptical otherwise they’ll always be walked over.

Lastly, Pisces can be over-emotional at times. Pisces often has a very calm and gentle attitude, so when this water sign is mad it can really throw people off. Pisces is a sensitive sign and takes things straight to heart. They feel a lot of emotional pain and so in response they’ll say some pretty harsh words to get others to feel the same pain.

Overall, while Pisces can overreact, their connection with other people through emotions is unparalleled. No other sign is as trustworthy and understanding about feelings than Pisces. Their good-hearted nature makes them valuable friends and their emotional intelligence makes them very wise. Having a Pisces around will make you open up in ways you’d never expect.

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