Sagittarius May 2021 Astrology Horoscope Forecast ♐

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Prepare for a major glow up this month! May brings out key themes of independence, looking after yourself, and nurturing your lifestyle. Now is the time to really invest in yourself, and put yourself first. To care for others, you must first take care of yourself. As Venus moves from gentle Taurus, to bold Gemini, you’ll feel yourself being pulled towards caring for your inner needs. Venus is the planet of indulgence, which means you’ll be after some luxury this month. Don’t be afraid to go on a personal retreat to help rejuvenate yourself. Come back with a whole new perspective that is bound to project you into a brighter, happier world! Your mindset is everything.

Achieving goals is a very important talking point, when it comes to money and your career during the month of May. You will feel very driven to get things done and work hard. You’ll be smashing targets left right and center! Towards the last couple weeks of the month, you might feel yourself slipping a little. This will happen due to the fact that, both Mercury and Saturn turn retrograde in the last week of May.

When the planet of communication and responsibility turn backwards in this way, there will definitely be some tension created. This can manifest as difficulty managing a work-home balance. You can’t do everything at the same time, so you’ll have to try, and decide where your priorities lie. Keep optimistic and determined, you’ll definitely be able to come up with a fulfilling but rewarding solution!

When it comes to your health , consider joining a group, or forum to keep you motivated. Whatever your health goals are, talking to people in the same boat as you, can be an extremely helpful thing. You’ll learn loads of useful hints and tricks! Encouragement is also an important thing to have when trying to progress, so try to create a support network for that. Surrounding yourself with positive people will give you an optimistic mindset, which is not only good for your physical health, but your mental health too.

Now this month is meant to be all about benefitting you, but you can do that without hurting others. Look out for selfish tendencies when it comes to your relationships and love life. It’s 100% okay to focus on yourself, but don’t leave your partner (or potential partner) feeling unloved. Mercury enters talkative Gemini early on in the month, setting a open-minded atmosphere. Mercury is all about the mind and communication, so be sure to use this energy to create compromises, that fulfill both parties, and allow you to get some healthy, ‘me time’. You might need a little space this month, which is all good. Just make sure to convey this, so that other people don’t feel hurt or pushed out!

Altogether, the overall theme for the month of may, is development and self-care. There’s loads of room for personal growth, as well as opportunities for work-related progression! Use this time to get comfortable with a shiny, new version of yourself. Focusing on yourself every once in a while, is such an important thing to do. It re-adjusts your priorities, keeping you in the present, rather than stuck in the past. As stated before, your mindset is everything. The way you react to situations creates your reality. Keep optimistic, and success is bound to be around the corner!

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