Shifting From Scarcity to Abundance

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We live in a world of infinite opportunities and limitless potential. When you become aware of the beauty of life, you will feel more love, joy, and connect with the magic that lies within. Despite that, some have yet to experience the abundance that is offered to us from the universe.

If you are not focusing on abundance, then your attention is drawn toward lack. Shifting from a mindset of scarcity, to one that brings prosperity is necessary, if you want to live the life that you have always dreamed of. Everything that you have envisioned can be yours, once you apply these six key steps.

1. Appreciate What You Have.

When you think about the state of your reality, are you constantly looking at what can be improved, or are you content? Feeling as though what you have is not enough, is the opposite of abundance, and will create a barrier that will block your blessings. Instead of feeling bad about your circumstances, whether they are warranted or not, start to practice gratitude.

There is always something to be thankful for, the goodness of life can be discovered once you are open to it. Whether it’s the food in your fridge, the clothes on your back, or your health, you should always be appreciative. Adopt a healthy attitude, and see the abundance that already exists in your life.

2. Flip Your Perspective.

Even when things turn a little sour, it’s always good to look for the silver lining. By pivoting the way that you see situations, you can tap into the positive energy that will allow you to experience more abundance. It is important to know that the way you perceive something determines how it affects you. The power you give to what you focus on, can make the difference between inviting more good into your life, or remaining in the same negative space.

For example, imagine that you applied and interviewed for your dream job, only to be told that you have been unsuccessful. Does that make you a failure? Is it a sign that you aren’t good enough? No. There will always be another employment opportunity. By focusing on the fact that you didn’t get this particular role, you are putting the idea and energy out into the universe, that this was the only opportunity available to you. Look on the bright side! Don’t dwell on negative thoughts and feelings that do not serve you. Find happiness in the little things, and celebrate the beauty that can be found in all situations.

3. You Are The Company You Keep.

You have what it takes to change your life, shift your reality, and improve your attitude. However, when you’re supported by the right people, you can reach heights beyond your wildest dreams. The moment that you begin to surround yourself with like-minded, positive, people who live in an abundant mindset, you adopt the same qualities for yourself. To develop a mindset of abundance, you must recognize it in every area of your life, including in the people you hold dear.

If your friends and family like to look at the negative side of life, then they will eventually drag you down into their misery. Do yourself a favor, and free yourself of anyone that is holding you back. Enjoy the company of those who radiate sunshine with every part of their being. Soak up their wisdom, and grow to become the best version of yourself. Though you may feel tempted to change the negative people that are in your life, do not waste your energy in doing so. All self-improvement should be organic, when they are ready to take that step, they will do so when the time is right for them.

4. Life Lessons.

If things don’t go your way, don’t see it as a loss, instead, gain from the experience by learning the lesson that it has taught you. Knowledge is a gift. When it is used in the right way, it can bring you the abundance that you desire. For example, someone with a scarcity mindset, will take the breakdown of their relationship to mean that they’re not good enough or “I’ll never find the right person!” On the other hand, those who understand that abundance begins in the mind, will know that the relationship taught them what they want, and what they don’t want in a partner.

The next time you go through hard times, take a step back and find the diamond in the rough. Joy can always be found, and prosperity is only a thought away. When you apply the lessons that you have been taught, your life will change radically, and you will see the world in a new light. Open your heart and mind, to the many endless possibilities that are yet to present themselves to you.

5. You Deserve The Best.

If you feel like attaining abundance is a battle, you may need to work on your self-worth. When you believe that you deserve everything that you desire, you will attract more of what you want. If this is an area that you are not seeing success in, you need to understand and recognize the incredible person that you are. You are worthy. This is a mantra that you need to repeat to yourself often, and earnestly.

Don’t fight against what is naturally yours, you are meant to live a fabulous life, and have the lifestyle that you want. It is entirely up to you whether or not you take action, and are prepared to accept that the only limitations that exist are in your mind. Trust that everything will work out the way that it should, and start to act as if you already have what you desire. The prosperity you need will come and whatever you long for, will be yours.

6. Speak Life.

Your actions should reflect what you want to achieve. If your goal is to shift from scarcity to abundance, then you need to change the way that you speak and talk about yourself, and your life. If all you do is complain about bills, and the little money you have in your bank account, you are entertaining negative thoughts, that will prevent you from living in a prosperous and abundant way. Negative self-talk is like a bad habit, to kick it, you have to be aware that you are doing it.

Keep an eye on the language that you use to describe your finances, and your personal circumstances. If you catch yourself speaking in a way that is detrimental to the new, abundant outlook that you are trying to appropriate, then switch the narrative. Start to speak positively, and feel good about the words that you use. There is power in the tongue, and by choosing the right words, you will automatically shift yourself from scarcity to abundance.

The person that you are, and the person you want to be, are one and the same. The only difference is the way that you see your reality, and yourself. If you want to find your bliss, all you need to do is make a choice, scarcity or abundance. The power is yours.

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