These 5 Zodiac Signs Have The Biggest Egos


Leo is ruled by none other than the star of our solar system itself, which shines a lot of light onto why Leo is number one on this list. Just like how the planets revolve around the Sun, Leo believes the world revolves around them. Their confident ways and bold nature can make them a charismatic leader or an arrogant boaster. More often than not Leo forgets to keep themselves in check. For example, if they win a competition, they will absolutely spend the rest of the day (maybe even a week) gloating about it. Like the proud Lion of their celestial symbol, Leo wants everyone to know their strengths and achievements.

Being born under the Sun’s energy also means that Leo loves the spotlight. They are the center of attention and if they’re not… well they’ll find a way to fix that. This need for attention means that Leo can sometimes be brutal about sharing the limelight. They have no issue speaking over and interrupting others. This doesn’t necessarily stem from a negative intention, it’s just that Leo truly believes that what they are saying is more important or more correct. Their arrogance can form tumultuous relationships and create unnecessary enemies.


Sagittarius is a bit of an underdog when it comes to the intelligence game. Usually, people think of the air signs when we picture the clever bunch of the Zodiac, however Sagittarius is actually one of the smartest signs out there. Knowledge comes so naturally to a Sagittarius, it’s almost painful for them to wait around for everyone else to find out the seemingly obvious. As a result, Sagittarius has a tendency of being a know it all and thinking they are always right. When they take this belief too far, Sagittarius becomes extremely arrogant and condescending. If you’re wrong about something, even the tiniest of things, Sagittarius will blast your stupidity out to the world and criticize you openly. Their lack of filter can make them seem incredibly insensitive.

To add, Sagittarius doesn’t like to be chained down. As a fire sign, Sagittarius does whatever they want whenever they want. They are an untamed flame that cannot be bound to anyone else. This makes Sagittarius quite selfish at times. They will act out of their personal interest and not even consider how it may affect others. Sagittarius sometimes moves too fast for their own good, leaving behind people who aren’t capable of keeping up.


Much like their celestial symbol, Taurus is just as steadfast and persevering as the bull. They won’t back down from a task no matter how much hard work they need to do. Once a Taurus puts their mind to something, they will charge at it with full force. This determination can quickly become stubbornness when Taurus takes it too far. Again, like the bull, Taurus has some pretty immovable opinions. They are resolute in their thinking and usually doesn’t let anyone change their mind. Trying to make Taurus see things from the other side can be quite the impossible task. Taurus likes to have their opinion heard and will not take kindly to those who criticise them. This is because Taurus believes their idea or belief is truly correct and without fault.

In addition, Taurus has quite a self-indulgent streak. Their drive for security can make Taurus greedy or materialistic or completely oblivious to the needs of others. Their issues are always bigger than everyone else’s. Their desires are always more important than anyone else’s. For a Taurus, their problem must be dealt with first even if that means ignoring others. Taurus can be so self-absorbed at times that they come off apathetic to others.


If Aries wants something, you had better step aside. Being the first of the Zodiac, Aries feels the need to be number one in everything. They are competitive to the core and cannot handle defeat. Aries is in a never-ending competition with the people around them. If they have their eyes on something specific, they’ll stoop low to get it. They are so obsessed with winning they’ll happily let go of friendships and then argue about being in the right. When Aries feels like they are being attacked, they can get incredibly defensive and hot-headed. As a fire sign, they are very impulsive which leads them to say and do things without thinking about others.

Leading on from this, because Aries is a fire sign they want things to happen quickly. If there is one thing you never want to make an Aries do, it’s wait. As a result, Aries can be incredibly demanding. They’ll give you 100 things to do in an impossible short amount of time. And if you don’t manage to meet their expectations, they can get very angry. Aries thinks only of themselves which can take quite a toll on the people around them. Aries asks for too much and reacts selfishly.


Virgo is ridiculously and unapologetically prideful. Their meticulous ways and logical thinking cause them to believe they are the most superior sign out there. Their perfectionist nature means that they hold everyone else up to astronomically high standards, and if you slip up just one tiny bit, you are regarded as worthless. Virgo believes themselves to be above everyone else because of how much time and thought they dedicate to everything in their lives. This way of thinking gives Virgo the ability to criticize everyone and everything. They will judge you openly and point out all your flaws, while acting as if they are devoid of any faults. You’ll be sorely disappointed if you think you can compromise with a Virgo. It is the world that must change to suit them, not the other way around.

However, Virgo is very much a two-sided coin. Virgo is also capable of being very generous and compassionate. They can uplift and help people so much so that they forget about their own needs. This selfless side of Virgo is why they are not ranked higher up on this list.

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