These are the MOST TOXIC Zodiac Signs

1. Gemini.

Ruled by silver tongued Mercury, Gemini is the master of twisting words.

Usually Gemini is a fun-loving, sociable sign but when you get on their bad side, they know how to turn the whole world against you.

Their quick thinking and immaculate storytelling can make even the most grounded people question reality.

Gemini’s gift is communication, so good luck trying to get everyone else to hear your version of events.

Their ability to tell such elaborate lies comes from the duality of their nature, represented by their celestial symbol The Twins.

The Twins are able to see both sides of the story and can easily spin the truth to bring others to their side.

No matter what you say, Gemini can counter it.

Fighting with a Gemini can be incredibly tiring and demoralizing.

This is because not only do you have to face Gemini’s manipulation, but friends and people you trusted will turn their backs on you because of Gemini’s words.

This leaves you in an isolated position with very little help to get out.

If you are ever up against a Gemini, know that it will take absolute, infallible, concrete evidence to hold Gemini accountable for their actions.

One very infamous Gemini who the whole world can agree is very evil and toxic is Donald Trump!

#2. Taurus.

Being a fixed sign, Taurus absolutely loves being in control.

They like to know exactly what is going on, when it is happening and how it is going to happen.

While this can provide great stability, it can also feel like Taurus is breathing down your neck and watching your every single move. This is especially emphasized when it comes to relationships.

Taurus needs to be piloting everything.

At first it can seem so romantic to have Taurus be in charge of all the date planning, but soon enough you come to find that it doesn’t stop there.

There will come a point where Taurus steps out of line and starts taking over your life.

One day they don’t like what you’re wearing and will ask you to change, the next day it’s you’re not allowed to hang out with certain people.

Once Taurus has got their eye on you, it is very difficult for them to look away.

This whole control issue is perfected with a slice of denial.

Just like their celestial symbol, The Bull, Taurus never gives in.

In their eyes, they’ve done nothing wrong and so they never apologize.

Even if the laws of the Universe, science and reason indicate Taurus is in the wrong, don’t hold your breath waiting for Taurus to apologize.

#3. Capricorn.

Capricorn is known to be the hard-worker of the Zodiac.

They have big goals and will stop at nothing to achieve them.

Capricorn has a clear picture of what they want their future to look like and they will not settle for anything less. If a Capricorn wants a penthouse in New York, then you bet they’ll make it there!

As a cardinal sign, Capricorn is destined to be an achiever.

However sometimes, their desire to be the best manipulates their actions and clouds their better judgement. Capricorn will get what they want… no matter the cost.

At their worst, Capricorn will shamelessly use people.

If there’s a friend, of a friend, of a friend who knows someone Capricorn wants to know, you bet Capricorn will climb the ladder and kick people off each rung before moving up.

Friendships are easily discarded once Capricorn decides they are too good for you.

This exploitative side of Capricorn stems from their need to be at the top.

Ambition is Capricorn’s strength and motivator but can easily turn into their hamartia if not kept in check. Capricorn can turn freezing cold with people they’ve known forever when they think they’ve outlived their usefulness.

#4. Pisces.

Known as one of the most accepting and welcoming signs of the Zodiac, it can be quite a shock to see Pisces on this list. If there’s one thing you need to know about Pisces, it’s that they are the most emotional sign of the Zodiac. As a water sign, Pisces tends to lead from the heart and not the head.

Feelings are extremely important to them, and they are deeply aware of their own emotions as well as other’s.

This makes Pisces a very introspective sign with powerful insight into the undercurrent of people’s behavior.

Their empathetic nature can be weaponized instantly into manipulation.

Pisces is a highly emotionally intelligent sign.

They know exactly what makes people tick and will use it against them sometimes without even realizing.

Pisces’ manipulation can be so subtle, people will just end up doing things for Pisces without questioning it.

And if you ever try to call a Pisces out, be prepared for a sob story.

Pisces has a big victim complex – nothing is ever their fault, bad things just happen to them.

Their waterworks and hopeless performance often makes people pity them and excuse their behavior.

This is why Pisces often gets away with their act.

5. Leo.

Leo has an ‘if it’s mine don’t touch it’ mentality when it comes to the people they love.

Even their best friend hanging out with someone other than them is enough to make a Leo envious.

This is because they want all the spotlight on them, and if they aren’t receiving the attention they need then you might as well be committing treason! Although Leos can hide their jealousy, sometimes it can just be a bit too much and they get snarky or rude.

Leos are very protective of their partners and hate when others are around them.

This jealousy can quickly turn into trust issues in relationships, and the worst thing is that Leo can be very hypocritical about it.

It’s okay if they look through your phone, read your emails, stalk your socials just to check there isn’t any funny business going on.

But if you even think the same of Leo they will completely flip out.

Leo expects their lovers to be blindly loyal to them without question.

This can be incredibly overbearing and feel restrictive.

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