Top 10 Things You Need To Know About Dating A Gemini ♊

#1. Gemini is incredibly talkative.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of language and communication, so it comes to no surprise that they love to talk. In a relationship, Gemini looks for a partner who is good at listening, and engages in their random topics of conversation. Gemini always has something interesting to say, you could never get bored of them!

#2. Gemini is always down to experiment.

Gemini is known for being innovative. As an air sign, Gemini loves trying out new things. They are not afraid to be the first person to do something. In a relationship, this translates to Gemini being very adventurous in the bedroom. If there are any fantasies you have, Gemini is most likely down to give it a go.

#3. Gemini is a big flirt.

Gemini is innately flirtatious. They have a seductive and charming personality that draws people to them. When a Gemini flirts, it is usually harmless. They find it fun to do. Having trust in your Gemini partner is very important.

#4. Gemini is always in motion.

Gemini isn’t one to sit around and let the day go by. They always need something to do. Gemini is a very sociable sign, so at the very least, they need to spend some time being around people every day. Doing nothing all day really stresses them out. Sometimes Gemini needs to learn how to sit back.

#5. Gemini isn’t one to wait around.

If there’s one thing Gemini hates, it’s being kept waiting. If you’re trying to get into a relationship with a Gemini, be upfront about it! Gemini doesn’t like to be left hanging, so if your flirting with a Gemini be straightforward! They really appreciate people who are direct and honest about their intentions.

#6. Gemini doesn’t take life too seriously.

Gemini has a very carefree approach to life. They’ll do things for the fun of it, and worry about the consequences later. This makes Gemini a very exciting sign to be around. Gemini also isn’t one to be held down by their mistakes. If something has gone wrong, they’ll learn from it, and move on as quickly as possible.

#7. Gemini needs mental effort.

Being an air sign, intelligence is an important factor for Gemini. While physical attraction is nice, Gemini needs someone who can expand their mind. Being able to have articulate, and deep conversations with someone, is a very big turn on for Gemini.

#8. Gemini is easily distracted.

Gemini gets bored of things quickly. They feel a need to always do something new. You’ll often see a Gemini juggling many different hobbies, projects and even people. When Gemini feels their relationship lacks fun, they will get tired and leave. Keep the romance alive, by making sure to spend quality time together doing exciting things.

#9. Gemini is very adaptable.

As a mutable sign, Gemini excels at going with the flow. No matter what you throw at Gemini, they will always be able to run with it. It’s why they’re great at meeting new people and trying new hobbies. Gemini is a jack of all trades, and they’re often good at everything they do too!

#10. Gemini will find out everything.

With Mercury’s power of communication residing in Gemini, they’ll coax even the deepest of secrets out of you. Gemini has an aura that makes people feel comfortable opening up to them. So if you want Gemini to have a good impression of you, make sure to stay on everyone’s good side, because who knows what Gemini has heard about you!

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