Top 3 Most Jealous Zodiac Signs

Have you ever wondered which zodiac signs have a tendency to be jealous? While not all individuals that fall under these categories will be jealous people, more of them will be than other signs. Let’s dive right into the top 3 most jealous zodiac signs so you can keep an eye out for toxic behaviors in your friends and partners. 

#1: Scorpio

No matter who you ask about which zodiac sign is the most jealous, this sign will 100% come up. Scorpios are the most notoriously jealous sign out of all the zodiac signs. This is mostly due to their desire to completely possess their friends and partners- every person who comes between them and their property can be a threat that must be dealt with in one way or another. 

Part of the reason they’re so jealous is due to the nature of their status as a water sign. Their possessive tendencies are increased by their emotional nature, causing them to act on impulse on said tendencies. Watch out for these traits in Scorpios that are clearly insecure or immature. 

#2: Leo

Leos are another zodiac sign that is notoriously jealous- but for different reasons than Scorpio. While Scorpio’s jealousy comes from a need to possess, Leo’s jealousy comes from a desperate need for attention. Leos absolutely cannot stand when they are not the center of attention- all eyes need to be on them when they enter a room. 

While a Scorpio might be more inclined to hide their feelings of jealousy, as a fire sign, this is impossible for Leo. Leos will be visibly jealous and upset when they feel more attention is given to other people rather than them, which can be an unattractive trait for others to witness. 

#3: Virgo

A Virgo’s jealousy comes not from a place of possession or attention-seeking, but due to their extremely critical and competitive nature. Virgos are major perfectionists and are very critical of themselves, and if they perceive another to be succeeding better than they are, they’ll take it as a direct form of competition and be jealous. 

This type of jealousy is less of hatred for the actions of others, and more of a hatred for themselves. They’ll be furious that someone performed better than them on something, but this is also their strength- they’ll channel these feelings into productivity and improve at whatever it is until they succeed just as much as their competitor. 

In Summary

Not every Scorpio, Leo, and Virgo will be extremely jealous, but they do have more of a tendency to be so than other signs. Mitigate the damage by supporting your partners, and keeping a clear eye out for “underdeveloped” versions of these signs (i.e. those who are insecure or immature.) Good luck!

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