When it comes to sexy, these three zodiac signs don’t have to bring it back because they never lost it in the first place!


You won’t find a zodiac sign more passionate than a Scorpio and it is their passion that makes them such a sex symbol. Always willing to give their all, Scorpio is energetic and naturally draws others to follow them.

Scorpio’s need for an emotionally deep bond with others in their life is sensual and appealing and their loyalty endearing.

Something of the sexy guy or girl next door, Scorpio knows that they have what it takes to drive you wild, but they like to play the innocent…at least until the lights go out!

Scorpio works hard for what they want and always gets there in the end (with plenty of adoration from their fans.)


Aries is confident, dominant, and willing to do whatever it takes to get a job done. Aries determination is one of their more envious personality traits, but also the one that draws so many others into their circle.

Aries is driven by ambition and always keeps their eye on the prize.

Born to be a leader, Aries exudes sexuality and success and always attracts the opposite sex with their no-nonsense, “tell it like it is” attitude. Acknowledged as the best kisser in the zodiac, Aries just has to lick their lips and they’ll get exactly what they want.

Aries is far from the innocent next door type, but they proudly embrace their dominating and confident nature and will always be happy to take control.

In life, Aries takes what they want, but somehow, no one seems to mind letting them have it.

#3. LEO

Leo is a king or queen and knows it, but their confidence and passion only serve to endear them to those within their reach.

When Leo does something, they do it to the max, which means lavish clothes, indulgent dinners, and generally being treated like a celebrity. So, if the “high life” is what turns you on, Leo will happily oblige.

Leo loves to be adored but is fierce in protecting those they love and will always step out of the limelight to prove their loyalty to someone they love.

Leo is the popular guy on the football team or the lead cheerleader – they never have to try too hard to get anyone to fall in love with them. They get what they want and will work for it, but it usually falls at their feet before they can.

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