Top 5 Most Faithful Zodiac Signs

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One of the more popular topics sought after by the Zodiac enthusiast is whether they can trust the person they are in a relationship with. Although the detailed description itself doesn’t make the person, knowing your partner’s Zodiac sign can help determine what could make them go astray.

Top 5 Most Faithful Zodiac Signs

Here are the top 5 signs that indicate a faithful, loyal zodiac partner and why they tend to be this way.

1. Scorpio 

A Scorpio is known for their strong will, possessiveness, and desire to hold onto those they love no matter what that entails. 

Although at times they may seem overbearing and even hard to reach, know once they open up, they are yours forever.

2. Virgo

If you are in a relationship with a Virgo, you already know their need for clean-cut simple rules. This goes for their relationships as much as their daily routine. Once you are with a Virgo, you will be with someone who wants a nice and neat relationship without any side business.

3. Taurus 

Failure in a relationship to a Taurus indicates a sign of weakness. A Taurus is as stubborn as they are committed. Your Taurus will remain faithful not only for you but for their own pride. If you are in a relationship with one, rest assured they only have eyes for you.

4. Leo

If you are attentive and caring towards a Leo, you should never have to worry about whether or not they are faithful to you and your relationship. A Leo is strong and will defend the honor of the person they love. This means they would never cheat, making you or them look bad.

5. Cancer 

We saved the best for last! If you are in a relationship with a Cancer, take a deep breath and thank your lucky stars. The primary relationship goal of a Cancer is to find their one true love, and when they do, they are yours and only your forever.


Looking into Zodiac signs is a great way to identify the traits and qualities in the people you spend the most time with. The star signs can give you a good overview of your partners pre-determined characteristics and vulnerabilities. If you are ever concerned about your partners’ faithfulness, it may be in your best interest to look to the stars.

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