Top 5 Most Manipulative Zodiac Signs

Gemini: The crafty enchanter

Gemini’s celestial symbol is The Twins. This has many connotations from social butterfly to master multitasker, to hidden motives. Now you might have heard about Gemini being two-faced, but in fact that is not entirely accurate. Gemini is multi-faceted and not so easily confined to just two different sides. As a mutable sign, one of Gemini’s biggest strengths is their adaptability and capability to fit into any environment. This makes their manipulation very well disguised. Gemini will put on any personality needed to shapeshift into someone people will trust. Their most powerful trick is being able to appear genuine when they have no intension of being honest with you. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini has a dangerous way with words. They will get you to spill all your secrets without you ever second-guessing their motivations. Their fickle nature makes them very unpredictable, so they could easily turn your words against you.

Cancer: The moody sweetheart

Cancer’s manipulation is entirely emotional. It is a big mind game, and one they know all the hidden cheats for. Under Cancer’s loving exterior is a deep ocean, and it turns out that these waters aren’t always calm. They can be gentle one minute and stormy the next. Cancer’s range of emotions is what makes their manipulation so effective. They know exactly how to pull on your heartstrings to get you to yield to them.

Since Cancer isn’t very communicative when it comes to their darker feelings, they are often passively manipulative. They’ll sulk and guilt trip others until they get what they want. At their core, Cancer wants external validation and love. If they don’t receive this, things can get dramatic with them. Cancer has a tendency to catastrophise things. They will over exaggerate situations to make them seem more dire than they actually are. When their soft shell is hurt, Cancer will play the victim. Anyone witnessing Cancer’s pain will do anything to console them.

Scorpio: The sneaky stinger

Scorpio’s celestial symbol is The Scorpion. This is appropriately symbolic of Scorpio’s cunning nature. Scorpions are small, devious creatures whose sting can pack quite a deadly punch. If you get in Scorpio’s way, you can expect resistance. At their core, they want control and power over people. Scorpio is especially good at playing the blame game. Their powers of persuasion can turn any situation against someone. Scorpio will gas-light you until you truly start to believe you were in the wrong. And once they start, they are relentless with it. Scorpio doesn’t play like any of the other water signs. Being passive is not how they roll. Their passionate nature makes their manipulation intense and overbearing.

Libra: The dishonest diplomat

Libra is often though as the peacekeeper of the zodiac sign so it might be puzzling seeing them on this list. However, peace often comes at a price. Libra is all about harmony but sometimes that cannot be achieved without deception. Libra will play both sides of the coin, telling each party what they want to hear to avoid confrontation. Their indecisive nature makes them incapable of choosing a definite side. In fact, the only side Libra is ever on is their own. Libra won’t hesitate to lie if it will help them out.

Virgo: The calculating perfectionist

As one of the smartest signs of the zodiac, fighting against a Virgo will lead to a quick defeat on your end. Ruled by Mercury, knowledge is one of Virgo’s strengths. They know exactly what to say and how to say it in order to get someone on their side. Virgo is also incredibly meticulous. They will plot your downfall step-by-step and you will never see it coming. Virgo has a way blocking their intensions from being seen. They will bring you down and put you in the worst position possible all in a heartbeat.

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