Top 5 Most Narcissistic Zodiac Signs

1. Taurus.

Taureans are very good people overall, but may have the tendency to have an entitled mentality without realizing it. They may feel like the world owes them something, because of the pain that’s been brought upon them, or because of how hard they work to help others. For Taureans, narcissistic tendencies may be a subconscious way, of making up for being undervalued by their peers. As an Earth sign, Taurus believes in what they see, feel, hear, or experience themselves. This makes them slightly insensitive. If it didn’t happen to them, then they won’t even try to understand it. Taurus is also known to be a very stubborn sign. They hate it when people try and oppose them, because they think that their opinions are always correct. This can make them exhausting to interact with at times.

2. Leo.

Leos ruling planet is the Sun, the star of our solar system. So it comes to no surprise to see, that Leo likes to take up center position. Leos are often overt narcissists, meaning they won’t hide their ego. Leo has an obsession with creating a perfect self-image. They’ll spend huge amounts of money on clothes, accessories, and expensive restaurants just to maintain it. At their core, Leo wants to be idolized. They want people to talk about them, to follow them, to laugh at all their jokes, and agree with all their ideas. Leos always want to be in the spotlight, to the point where other people’s successes will make them unhappy. When a Leo wants something, they’ll use any means necessary to get it, which could be harsh for those in their way.

3. Sagittarius.

Sagittarius has a surface-level narcissism. They live for clout, and enjoy looking at pictures of themselves. They enjoy being the popular person, loved by everyone. This means that sometimes, they’ll do unkind things to stay on top. Sagittarius can be unnecessarily insensitive, rude or entitled toward others, because they’re not the most empathetic in day-to-day life. They are often pretty blatant about their tendencies, and don’t put much effort into masking these traits. To add, this zodiac sign can never agree to disagree. They will keep on debating until their point is taken forward, approved of, and taken into consideration.

4. Virgo.

Virgo is often a very humble sign, but sometimes have the tendency to be a little self-obsessed. You might find, that they spend an inordinate amount of time talking about themselves, before even asking one question about you. They also believe that they are the biggest genius in the room, which could explain their self-obsession. To add, a Virgo cannot stand any kind of criticism. This is because they always need to be the best of the best. Virgo will never back down, even if they’re wrong, which could make them impossible to deal with. For a Virgo to even consider your argument, you’ll need tons and tons of evidence to sway them.

5. Aries.

Aries can have narcissistic tendencies very similar to Leo. They can lack empathy, and be unjustifiably brutal toward people they dislike, without remorse. Aries can also be very inconsiderate at times. They aren’t always thinking of the people around them, and don’t take others into account, even when it’s a loved one. This zodiac sign does what they want: if it works out for others, that’s cool, if it doesn’t, that’s not their concern. Being around an Aries can be fun and exhilarating, but dangerous. Don’t expect them to hold your hand, or help you up.

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