Virgo May 2021 Astrology Horoscope Forecast ♍

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This May, there is going to be a lot of change for you. Now is the month to think about how certain things are making you feel. Are you where you want to be right now? What’s holding you back? The new moon in Taurus this month, encourages you to look at your situation, and see where you can improve. This may involve you having to take a leap of faith, and walk away from unfulfilling things.

You deserve to feel happy and accomplished, so don’t be afraid to cut ties with things, or people who simply aren’t doing it for you! This may be in the form of a relationship, friendship, or a career path. While it may seem difficult now, know that in the long-term, you’ll flourish from the tough decisions you make this month.

Thinking about money and your career, the earlier sentiment of letting go still stands. Of course, if you absolutely love your job, don’t drop it! Perhaps just think about what changes you can make, to gain even more out of it. This month is all about encouraging you to expand beyond old limitations. You won’t be alone in this of course! Jupiter is in a harmonious trine with Uranus early on in the month, which is very positive for you. Jupiter is the planet of growth, prosperity and luck. With Saturn, the planet of restriction, turning retrograde later on the month, you’ll find that things become easier to navigate. The path you choose to take now, will be one of success and hope.

Moving on, your health is a very important thing to consider this month. While the Sun is in the organized, hard-working sign of Taurus, now is the perfect time to take care of health issues. Schedule your yearly doctors visits, follow up on any tests, and make sure you have all the medication you need. While the administrative side of things may seem obvious to you, you’ll be surprised by how many things can slip under your radar. Make sure to have a really thorough to-do list, on all things regarding your health this month.

When it comes to romance, think about where things can be improved. Are there small conversations you can have, that will drastically improve your love life? If so, don’t be afraid to voice your opinion! Your ruling planet Mercury, moves out of reserved Taurus on the 3rd, and into talkative Gemini. You’re bound to experience notable changes in the way you communicate. Shorter, more to the point messages, are soon going to be replaced with deeper, more intimate talks. Don’t be afraid to open up, and ask for what you want! You’ll definitely have to work on compromises, but it’s way better than not doing anything at all.

Overall, May is going to be very transformative. Even though its unpredictable, and a little scary, don’t be afraid of change. Finding a new adventure, however daunting it seems, can be a wonderful opportunity to experience great things. You’ll be pushed out of your comfort zone this month, but it’ll be 100% worth it! Being in a new environment, will grow your potential to become the best possible version of yourself! Have fun with it.

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