Which Zodiac Signs Are The Most Complicated

The Most Complicated Zodiac Signs


Aquarius is known to be the humanitarian of the Zodiac. They are the ones leading the revolution, pushing society forwards, and encouraging progress on a wider level. As a result, we’ve come to know Aquarius as an accepting and forward-thinking sign. Aquarius is the sign of friendships and partnerships. They love to be surrounded by unique people who can give them a different perspectives on life. However, as much as Aquarius likes being around people, they are actually quite emotionally detached. This can be extremely confusing when witnessed on the outside.

You’d think because Aquarius is so accepting of others that they’d be easy to get along with. Unfortunately, this is trickier than it seems. Because of their emotional disconnect, it can be hard to form a genuine connection with Aquarius. Aquarius likes to keep their feelings to themselves most of the time. They love talking about complex theories, but emotions are a bit of a no-go zone for them. Aquarius doesn’t care too much for other people’s opinions and isn’t so hurt words. This can come off as cold and a little detached. This disparity between their excitement to be around you and their lack of emotional depth can make it hard to read an Aquarius.


Full of energy, optimism and good vibes we have Sagittarius. Sagittarius is one of the most popular signs of the Zodiac. They tend to have lots of different friendship groups and just meld well with all sorts of people. Their good sense of humour and spontaneous nature makes them incredibly fun to be around. At their core, Sagittarius is a sign that represents freedom and liberty! They love to explore and do things spur-of-the-moment. This fiery sign gives birth to some of the most adventurous people. Sagittarius is always down to try anything new and exciting! They crave independence and enjoy being able to do whatever they like. This is both a blessing and a curse.

What makes Sagittarius complicated is their lack of commitment. Autonomy is such a big part of Sagittarius’ identity, so commitment can be a very daunting for them. To others, Sagittarius’ actions are very confusing and even harsh. Being in different places and experiencing new things is what makes Sagittarius feel alive. Much like the other fire signs, Sagittarius needs to be in touch with the physical world to feel fulfilled. They can also move through phases quickly and can get easily bored of something. Sagittarius doesn’t like waiting around and can be pretty impatient. If you can’t move at their speed, they will leave you behind. When it comes to relationships, even after having a great time together Sagittarius will distance themselves to not get too attached.


Cancer is one of the most approachable signs of the Zodiac. They have such a warn nature and kind attitude that makes everyone around them want to be their friend. Cancer loves putting others first and being there for them during tough times. They are the best to turn to because they aren’t afraid of high emotions. The sight of someone crying won’t freeze them up like it would for other people. They know exactly how to comfort someone, and this is because they are so in tune with their own emotions. However, this deep connection to emotion can make Cancer tumultuous.

Cancer’s actions rely heavily on their feelings so they can be prone to emotional outbursts and are a little temperamental. When they’re happy they can be singing on cloud nine, but when they get low it can be hard to get them to stop crying. Since Cancer is governed by the moon (ruler of feelings and inner reactions) it’s no surprise that their emotions can overwhelm them. This sudden change in mood can make Cancer a complicated person to be around. You never know what might set them off.


Scorpio is notorious for being that mysterious and enigmatic sign. They have complex personalities that make them difficult to read so you’ll never quite know what a Scorpio is thinking about. At their core, Scorpio likes to be low-key. It’s not that they’re intentionally hiding themselves, it’s just that they don’t feel the need to put themselves out there. This can come off as detached and uncaring, but Scorpio is a water sign and so is actually very sensitive.

It just takes Scorpio some time before they start opening up. Before this stage though, it can be very confusing to understand what a Scorpio is like or what they want. If you want to form a connection with a Scorpio, you have to be patient enough to let them slowly reveal themselves to you.


No one’s mind thinks like Virgo. Virgo is renowned for being the most logical and methodical sign of the Zodiac. They have a plan for everything and can only do things once they’ve thought through all the different outcomes. Virgo is, without a doubt, a major perfectionist. They love to have everything in a precise and specific order. The details are equally as important to Virgo than the bigger image – in fact, Virgo might argue that those small details are even more important! Virgo’s ability to plan is something they love to share with others. As the kind helper of the Zodiac, Virgo loves to be useful to other people. When others reach out to them for help, Virgo feel incredibly appreciated and valued. They like to be leaned on and give support to those who need them.

However, sometimes Virgo spreads themselves too thin. Virgo’s helping nature means that they’ll offer people their time even when they’re too busy to actually give it. From the outside, it can be confusing for others to understand why Virgo would even try to help if they aren’t available. Others might even get the impression that Virgo doesn’t even want to help in the first place, since they aren’t making the time to follow up on their word.

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